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      How to detect and prevent fraud

      PREAMBLE • The biggest challenge facing the banking industry worldwide today is fraud. • The banking industry loses billions of dollars annually due to fraudulent activities. • Some of the scams are successfully executed by outsiders, while a reasonable number are successfully perpetuated with the collusion of an internal member or staff. • Anyone can perpetuate fraud. FALSE ASSUMPTION ABOUT […]

      Honda Vs Toyota: The Battle for Number One

      Toyota’s Camry and Honda’s Accord are the two best-selling passenger cars in the US Who will be number one this year? The battle lines are drawn and consumers have the opportunity to shape the outcome. Let’s take a look at what makes these cars so popular with American drivers. Until ten years ago, American cars dominated the market with offerings […]

      Understanding the basic principles and benefits of affiliate marketing

      Understanding Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is an online phrase used to describe the promotion of Internet businesses by the channel of affiliate programs and the marketing of these products on websites and dates back to the mid-90s. Editor) a percentage Commission approved based on the amount of trade your website brings to the trading company. Some companies like Clickbank, Paydotcom […]

      How To Buy Cryptocurrency In The US – 3 Good Places To Learn

      How To Buy Cryptocurrency In The US Have you ever heard of Cryptocurrency? In simple terms, this is money transacted in the form of coins or currency with no particular denomination. Since the entire world is moving towards digital transactions, many merchants have started using Cryptocurrency as a means of payment. This has become very popular all over the world, […]

      A secret underground city in the Andes?

      It has been said that a secret high-tech city exists in a remote jungle crater in South America. If so, who could be the scientists running this James Bond-type super fortress? The story begins with the great Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1973), a former student of Nikola Tesla. Marconi studied the theory of radio transmission with Tesla and made his […]

      Low Carb Diet Expert

      For a long time, people thought that dietary fat intake was the cause of body fat stores; “Eating too much fat makes me fat.” However, this is actually not true. You will discover very quickly that reducing dietary fat will hardly make any difference to your weight or body fat percentage. When you start to manipulate carbohydrates is when you […]